CMSC 335 Cave Project

Sorcerer's Cave - Philosophy

By Nicholas Duchon
Cave Project


Here are some notes about the projects, the particular features of object-oriented design and object-oriented programming (OOD/OOP) the we want to cover in this class and some of the features of Java to help support that style of programming. We also want to explore the Java GUI system a little, with particular emphasis on viewing the data structures and operations of a running program.

The particular scenarios selected for each semester try ask you to implement as many of these objectives as possible in some compelling way. I am always open to additions and suggestions.

Objectives for each project:

Project 1 - classes, text data file, GUI, searching

Project 2 - Map class, Comparator, sorting

Project 3 - More JDK classes - GUI's and threads

Project 4 - Concurrency