Circuits by Nicholas Duchon (2014)

The lessons in this instance are circuits from Computer System Architecture, 3rd edition, by M. Morris Mano.

The applet starts in its own frame and may be hidden - you may need to use <alt>-<tab> to find the actual applet.

This version uses a custom Lessons menu, derived from the "extras" parameter:

<applet code="Circuits.class" archive="Circuits.jar" height="100"width="100">
<param name="extras" value="">
<param name="ccnd" value="Basic Figures">

index.list is just a text file listing the data files in a directory. The files must have been saved using the simulator, and may be edited using any text editor with caution. The program is looking for lines with the ".txt" pattern, any other lines are ignored. Lines with that pattern are used as entries in the Lessons list and as file names based on the URL of the "extras" parameter name. Thus, index.list should be in the same directory as the associated files. The simplest command to generate index.list is: