Installing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

 Method 1:

       Close all open applications to prevent additional reboots during setup

       Insert the disc labeled Visual Studio .NET 2003 CD1.

Autorun starts Setup.exe. If Autorun is disabled, run Setup.exe from the root of the installation CD.

The setup program scans your disk for installed components. If the scan determines that the system requires a component update, 
Step 1: Install Visual Studio .NET 2003. Prerequisites are available in the Installation dialog box. 
Select Step 1 to update the system components (note that you have to have Internet connection in order this step to work properly.) If a component update is not required, this option is not available. 
After updating the system components, the Installation dialog box enables Step 2: Install Visual Studio .NET 2003. Select Step 2 to install Visual Studio .NET 2003.

 Method 2:

To bypass Visual Studio .NET 2003 Prerequisites Setup:

         Insert Visual Studio .NET 2003 CD1 or DVD.

         Close any programs triggered by autorun.

         Choose Start Menu, and then Run, and then type the following:  

n:\setup\setup.exe /NO_BSLN_CHECK

For example:

D:\setup\setup.exe /NO_BSLN_CHECK  

where D is the CD/DVD drive. If your CD/DVD drive is drive E, then you

need to type: E:\setup\setup.exe /NO_BSLN_CHECK  

For more information on installation, refer to the Microsoft site:;en-us;vsnet11&x=12&y=15#installing  

You can also find more information on setup on the prerequisites disk in the file

moreinfo.htm under the folder named Help.