Navigation notes

by Nicholas Duchon

Simple Example:

Here's a simple example using push segues among a number of views, with buttons to go deeper in the tree of views, and a navigation bar letting the user return up the tree.

  1.  Start with a Single View Application:

  2. Delete the default view.

  3. Drag a Navigation Controller to the Storyboard.

  4. Delete the default table view controller, unless that is what you want for your application. This example simply focuses on using buttons and automatic return indicators in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  5. For each transition, create a target view by dragging one of the view controllers to the storyboard.
    The first one should be connected to the Navigation Controller using a "root view" segue.
    The rest of the segues should be "push".
  6. Now you can give the new view a title that the navigation system will recognize, which will be used as the title for this scene in the navigation bar, and will be used as the name of a back button in the views that segue from this one.