Case Study

Here is an example of the detailed development of a simple project, using the approach I generally suggest for developing a program.

This approach is based on a spiral programming model, which I find to be easy and gets away from the "I have no idea where to start" problem many students (and others) have when starting almost any kind of project.

This project uses the Java programming language, but the approach can be applied to pretty much any language.

User's Guide:

This Java application will allow you to calculate the cost of an item given the weight of the item and the price per unit weight. The weights are measured in units of pounds or grams, and the currency is either dollars, yen or euros.

To start the program, first get the source code, compile it and run it by typing the following command:

> java UMUC_CostCalculator

You will be presented with the following menu:

1 - set weight to pounds (default)
2 - set weight to grams
3 - set currency to dollars (default)
4 - set currency to yen
5 - set currency to euros
6 - enter price per unit weight (default = 1.0)
7 - go to calculator
8 - exit