Bad solutions to Sorcerer's Cave Project 3

By: Nicholas Duchon

Problem A - Cannot read the sample data files

The main files I use to test Project 3 are:

Some projects have had troubles with the following issues - yours should be able to handle all this

Problem B - one job at a time, manual select, manual start

Each job is selected individually, and then only starts manually. The defeats the entire point of this project - demonstrating competition among jobs for resources, in this case a creature, using synchronized blocks in the run method of each job to make sure that each creature is only doing one job at a time, and that the system is doing the job scheduling using locks.

Problem C - All jobs running at the same time

Problem D - No Scrolling

There might be LOTS of jobs, as in dataZ09.txt (around 85 jobs). Displays that look like this will make me quite unhappy:

Problem E?