CMSC 495 Musings - Duchon Home

Some thoughts about this class from students and me.

Jesse Johnson
Spring 2016

That was exactly my problem. I understand what's needed for traditional waterfall but I couldn't reconcile the documentation for Agile. I just don't have the experience yet. Just to be clear, I agree that there should always be documentation. I would have never got of the ground if I didn't finish the documentation.

Google docs has worked well for collaboration. The text app is kind of buggy though. Hipchat has been great to store documentation and history. It also integrates with everything.

I am considering improvements though.

Some of the ideas I"m thinking about:

1. Open a Readthedocs page and add the API or user documentation there.

2. Use the vertx DocBook tools to make documentation directly part of the code.

3. Use Gitbook to publish and version out all the changes.

4. Use the Haiku documentation design pattern I learned about in my discussion piece. This seems like a perfect fit for this type of modular application.

I don't know how to link it up wire up everything with a Kanban yet but it should be the best tool to coordinate all of this content.

Still tinkering at this point.