Dr. Nicholas Duchon

University of Maryland

University College

410 South 32nd Street
Purcellville, VA 20132
Phone: 540-338-7120

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Nicholas Duchon
CMIS 310
CMIS 310 6215
8.21-10.15 L
CMSC 335
1.8-3.4 W
CMSC 495
CMSC 495 6380
8.21-10.15 W
CMSC 405
1.8-3.4 W

CMSC 412 6255
10.23-12.17 L
CMSC 495
3.12-5.6 W

CMSC 335 7983
CMIS 242
3.12-5.6 C

W - Web (LEO)
L - Largo
S - Shady Grove
Q - Quantico
C - College Park

Quick links

Ideal Java Project
Turning in a Java Project
UMUC IT help
UNIX Notes

Linux Documentation
Unix Commands
Java NOTE: On nova, make sure
that the directory you use does
NOT have the same name
as any of the classes in that directory!

CMIS 310 - notes
Computer Simulator
Translating Bases
Lectures by Kam Wing
K-maps part 1
K-maps part 2
Developing a programming project
step by gruesome step
Unicode: Org and Alan Wood

Student projects

For Programmers
CMSC 495 Musings

Interfaces Slide Presentation
Interfaces Part 2
Code for Interfaces Part 2
A Sorting Applet using Interfaces
AVL Algorithm
List all the Interfaces 6
Java Exceptions 5
Class Hierarchies Notes
 Expression Trees
Musing A - Java Stuff
Running a Java Applet - security
Ideal Java Project - only public
Ideal Java Project - showing private names
MyIF Development - interfaces, sorting

A clock game
arrayOfDice video
Branch Archer PostfixExpression Evaluator
Train Applet
Java2D Demo

Java Bitwise Operations Demonstration
Turning in a Java Project
Download ActiveX plug-in from my web page. 
Java Formatting Example
Java File I/O Example
Java Exceptions
My Java information page
Power Point
November 15, 1999
Pascal's Triangle Presentation
Power Point
November 15, 1999
gif version