AWS Notes:

  1. get EC2 running
    1. be SURE to download the pem file to your computer
      1. REMEMBER where you put it
      2. AND BE SURE to write down the password you used
  2. ssh to EC2, use the Connect to instance link
    1. create a certificate server on EC2 - messy, but follow instructions
    2. set up new certificate for openssl on EC2
      1. finally get server.pem file
    3. start openssl server on EC2
  3. View https result in some browser, circumvent local security when asked
  4. Back to EC2
    1. set up Apache server - details, but not too hard
      1. connect server.pem and server.key to Apache
  5. View https result again
  6. EC2:
    1. Create new html files in appropriate Apache directory
      1. /var/www/html (/index.html, etc.)
Note: many commands require sudo (secure access).

Starting AWS: