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Other Notes:

  • My Calendar
  • Pictures
  • Short Story Christmas 2010
  • images, cards, numbered trees
  • Liang Ch 16 17 images
  • highlighting css, example:
    • in <head> section:
      <link href="http://sandsduchon.org/highlighting.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">  
    • tags currently in place - see the css file link above
  • In body:
    <span class=highlightOrange>  stuff</span>
    <span class=highlightGreen>   stuff</span>
    <span class=highlightRed>     stuff</span>
    <span class=highlightYellow>  stuff</span>
    <span class=style1>           stuff</span> // code
    <span class=style3>           stuff</span> // times text
  • Direct if cannot access header:
    <span style="background-color: #ff9900;"> // Orange
    <span style="background-color: #00ff00;"> // Green
    <span style="background-color: #ff0000;"> // Red
    <span style="background-color: #ffff00;"> // Yellow